I began photographing at age 16, actually younger--my first camera was a give-away from a fast food fried chicken restaurant in San Antonio, Texas when I was 11. With this free, plastic camera, I captured my first subjects, my family, friends and my pets.

I was taught by my father to load film in his 35mm camera on a family vacation in Colorado, the summer before my senior year in high school. Holding that camera in my hands, ever so carefully placing the film in the camera and closing it, light tight, was magical. I was moved by the whole process--loading, observing and shooting. At that time, with my family, my passion for photography began.

Jiri Kylian, one of our worlds most talented choreographers once said, in my presence:

"if one has something to give back to this world, with all its pain and ugliness, if one has something beautiful to give, then do it."

It is with gratitude, I capture and share the beauty I see. Beauty found in the intimacy between a mother and her child, the grace and talent of a dancer, and the majesty of 10,100 tons of puddled iron.

Leticia London

© 2007 Leticia London